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Company Information:

Update Information:

Update Management Price

Management Update — RM 150
Competent Person Update — RM 150
Technical Person Update — RM 150

  1. Only RM 150.
  2. Provide a copy of the Identification Card (with company stamp and signature).
  3. Provide a copy of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) certificate (with company stamp and signature).
  4. Provide a copy of the Professional Certification (with company stamp and signature).
  5. Provide the Mobile Phone Number of the Owner or Director.
  1. One code — RM 220, with a discount of RM 20 if submitting more than one industry code at the same time.
  2. Please provide a Job Offer Letter/LA/Indent/PO.
  3. Please provide payment transactions from the main contractor or client who awarded the job.
  1. Only RM 250.
  2. Please provide copies of the Award Letter (PO, Indent) within the last 3 years.

Update CIDB (Company Contractor License Information)

Lesen Kontraktor G2

Information related to updating CIDB involves the process of updating data and information of contractor companies registered with the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB). This process is important to ensure that all company records are current and accurate, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Personal Information: Updating personal information of the company owner or director.
  • Company Information: Updating company address, phone number, fax, and email address.
  • Financial Information: Updating company financial information such as financial statements or paid-up capital.
  • Project Experience: Adding or updating records of completed or ongoing projects.
  • Technical Capability: Updating information regarding the company’s technical capabilities, including employee skills and owned equipment.

Updating information in the CIDB system is an important process that ensures contractor company profiles reflect their current status accurately, which can influence opportunities to secure new projects. Here is additional information about each aspect of the update:

Personal Information

  • Ensure that the name of the company owner or director, IC (Identification Card) number, and contact information are up-to-date. This includes personal address, phone number, and email.

Company Information

  • The updated company address facilitates communication between CIDB and clients. Ensure that the company’s phone number, fax, and email are always updated for smooth communication.

Financial Information

  • Current financial statements and information regarding the company’s paid-up capital are important to demonstrate the financial stability of the company to CIDB and prospective clients.
  • This update may include information about loans, assets, and liabilities.

Project Experience

  • Adding new completed projects enhances your company profile and demonstrates the ability to undertake similar projects in the future.
  • Be sure to include information such as project value, project duration, and the company’s role in the project.

Technical Capability

  • Updating technical capability involves adding information about new skills, obtained certifications, or the purchase of new equipment.
  • This demonstrates to CIDB and prospective clients that your company is investing in enhancing technical skills and capabilities.

The Importance of Regular Updates

  • Regular updates ensure that your company remains eligible for tender and project opportunities.
  • It also reduces the risk of rejection or delays in the tender process or CIDB approval due to outdated information.

Contractors are advised to routinely check and update their profiles in the CIDB system, especially before submitting new tenders or at regular intervals throughout the year, to ensure all information is current and reflects the true image of the company. This not only helps ensure compliance with CIDB regulations but also enhances the company’s opportunities in the bidding and project selection process in the construction industry.

**Attention, information regarding CIDB updates is general and subject to change from time to time. Therefore, you must ensure that you obtain the most current and comprehensive information through the official CIDB website.

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