Register CIDB Green Card + Course

CIDB Green Card New Registration Info

Register CIDB Green Card + Courses ( There has never been a CIDB )

The following is a breakdown of the new CIDB green card registration process for individuals without prior CIDB experience:

  1. To obtain a New CIDB Green Card + Course, newcomers must first complete an online course. (Learn about the CIDB Construction Personnel Green Card / Smart Card)
  2. The online course duration is 6 to 8 hours in a single session, with trainees given two breaks. Courses typically commence at 8 am.
  3. Participants will receive a digital CERTIFICATE of attendance the day after course completion (via Whatsapp).
  4. Course registration must be done online through our platform.
  5. Registration must occur 3-5 days before the scheduled course date, including full payment:
  • Course + 1 Year Card Period = RM 150.00
  • Course + 2 Years Card Period = RM 185.00
  • Course + 3 Years Card Duration = RM 235.00
  • Course + 4 Years Card Duration = RM 275.00
  • Course + 5 Years Card Period = RM 310.00

**Individuals whose cards have expired for over 10 years must retake the course.

**New cards will be posted by CIDB to participants within 1-2 weeks, based on the customer’s provided address.

**After the course, participants will receive a Temporary Pass from CIDB through us within 3-4 working days (excluding weekends).

New Registration Form

Register CIDB Green Card + Course

New Registration + Course (English Page)

1. Cardholder Information

Personal information for cardholder applications.

Supporting document

Attach supporting documents for this registration. (**Copy of Safety Induction Program for Construction Site Workers (SICW) - Provided)

Identification card

Before uploading, please refer to the example of a copy of the Identity Card according to the CIDB guidelines as in the attachment below!!

Copy of IC for CIDB Use

Heir Information

Heir information for cardholder applications.

Registration Period & Payment Terms

The validity period for each new registration (renew) for Construction Personnel Card / CIDB Green Card is one (1) year. Card renewal can be made as early as 60 days (2 months) before your green card expires.

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