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Register CIDB Green Card + Course

Green Card Registration + CIDB Course
  • Cardholder Information
  • Heir Information
  • Employer Status
  • Registration & Payment Period

1. Cardholder Information

Personal information for cardholder applications.

2. Supporting Documents

Attach supporting documents for this registration. ( **Copy of Safety Induction Program for Construction Site Workers (SICW) - Provided )

Identification card

Before uploading, please refer to the example of a copy of the Identity Card according to the CIDB guidelines as in the attachment below!!

Copy of IC for CIDB Use

Ensure that the CROSS made on top of your Identification Card copy does not interfere with your CARD NUMBER and also your PHOTO!!

3. Heir Information

Heir information for cardholder applications.

4. Employer Status

Latest information about your employer.

5. Registration & Payment

The validity period for each new registration (renewal) for the Construction Personnel Card / CIDB Green Card is for 1 year. Card renewal can be made as early as 60 days (2 months) before your green card expires.

Payment Offline (Offline)

Bank:  CIMB Bank Berhad
A/C Number:  8-6049-0669-1

Register CIDB Green Card (Information)

Register CIDB Green Card + Courses ( There has never been a CIDB )

The following is a breakdown of the new CIDB green card registration process for individuals without prior CIDB experience:

  1. To obtain a New CIDB Green Card + Course, newcomers must first complete a physical course. (Learn about the CIDB Construction Personnel Green Card / Smart Card)
  2. The physical course duration is 6 to 8 hours in a single session, with trainees given two breaks. Courses typically commence at 8 am.
  3. Participants will receive a digital CERTIFICATE of attendance the day after course completion (via Whatsapp).
  4. Course registration must be done online through our platform.
  5. Registration must occur 3-5 days before the scheduled course date, (including full payment)
  6. The following are the price ranges for the CIDB Course and Green Card application fees.
  • Course + 1 Year Card Period = RM 150.00 ~ RM 200.00
  • Course + 2 Years Card Period = RM 185.00 ~ RM 235.00
  • Course + 3 Years Card Duration = RM 235.00 ~ RM 285.00
  • Course + 4 Years Card Duration = RM 275.00 ~ RM 325.00
  • Course + 5 Years Card Period = RM 310.00 ~ RM 350.00

**The offered price difference depends on the training center vendor in each state.

If you have a “Certificate / Card” for the course mentioned below, you are exempt from taking the CIDB Green Card Course Program (SICW).

  • NIOSH – Nestle Safety Passport (NNSP)
  • NIOSH – OM Materials Safety Passport (NOMSP)
  • NIOSH – Port Safety Passport (NPTSP)
  • NIOSH – TENAGA Safety Leader Passport (NTSLP)
  • NIOSH – TENAGA Safety Passport (NTSP)
  • NIOSH – TM Safety Passport (NTMSP)
  • Oil and Gas Safety Passport (OGSP)
  • Air Kelantan Safety Card (AKSC)
  • Air Selangor – NIOSH Safety Passport (ANSP)
  • ‘Blue Card Safety Induction’ SHE KVMRT
  • Contractor Safety Passport System All Risks Work (CPSAR)
  • E-Idaman Safety Passport (EISP)
  • Expressway Operations Safety Passport (EOSP)
  • GAMUDA Construction SHE Passport (GCSP)

** Individuals whose cards have expired for over 10 years must retake the course.

** We will send the Temporary Pass from CIDB to you within 3-4 working days ( excluding Saturdays and Sundays ) after the completion of the course.

** The new card will be sent by CIDB to the participant within 60 working days, based on the address provided by the customer.

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