Renew Green Card CIDB

CIDB Renewal Form

CIDB Green Card Renew Form

Renew CIDB Green Card (English Page)

1. Cardholder Information

Personal information for cardholder applications.

Identification card

Before uploading, please refer to the example of a copy of the Identity Card according to the CIDB guidelines as in the attachment below!!

Copy of IC for CIDB Use

Ensure that the CROSS made on top of your Identification Card copy does not interfere with your CARD NUMBER and also your PHOTO!!

2. Heir Information

Heir information for cardholder applications.

3. Employer Status

Latest information about your employer.

4. Renewal & Payment Period

Choice of renewal and payment periods.

Bank:  CIMB Bank Berhad
A/C Number:  8-6049-0669-1

Renew Green Card CIDB

Renew Green Card CIDB (Local Worker)

The following is a list of information for CIDB green card renewal:

  1. Renewing the old CIDB card (the one with the picture) will get a new card like the latest IC (having a gold chip like an ATM card) after making a payment to us according to the validity period chosen by the customer.
  2. For those who have received a new card as stated above, the customer will not receive another card for a period of 5 years but must first monitor their active license at any CIDB office or via telephone.
  3. After the payment is made to us, the customer will receive a Temporary Pass from us within 3-4 working days (not including Saturday and Sunday) via the email that the customer registered on the form.
  4. Payment can be made online bank in or even using an automatic machine at the bank. The payment receipt must be kept for the customer’s proof of payment.

Here are the CIDB card renewal prices according to 1-5 years:

  • 1 Year = RM 85.00
  • 2 Years = RM 135.00
  • 3 Years = RM 185.00
  • 4 Years = RM 225.00
  • 5 Years = RM 250.00

** The new card will be sent by CIDB to the participant within 60 working days, using the address provided by the customer.

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