First Time Renew CIDB License

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Renewal of Contractor’s License

First Time Renew CIDB

1. Are you first time renew CIDB License?

If you want to renew your CIDB license for the first time, you are required to attend an integrity course.

Now, integrity courses can only be taken through PC/Computer-based learning. The learning period set by CIDB is 60 days, but you can complete it in one day if you are focused.

This course contains videos and quizzes. Once you complete 100%, you can make a reservation for the integrity examination.

We provide course registration services and will guide you step by step via WhatsApp on how to start the learning process.

Once you have completed 100%, inform us so that we can arrange your examination reservation.

Integrity examination reservations typically take between 2 weeks to 2 months. So, the faster you learn, the sooner you can sit for the examination.

2. Do you need to obtain a Business Management Certificate in addition to the Integrity Course?

The Business Management Certificate is typically required if the contractor previously holds a certificate that is not from a Diploma or a degree from a Public or Private University that is not recognized by the MQA. For instance, certificates from institutions like TM, ILP, MARA, or Polytechnics may require the Business Management Certificate course.

Sometimes, even if the Diploma is from a Private University and recognized by MQA, contractors may still need to take the Business Management Certificate, depending on CIDB’s decision.

We offer registration for the Business Management Certificate for RM 300.00. Please contact or WhatsApp us at +60 11-1218 6031.

3. Is it possible for a representative to take both the Integrity Course and the Business Management Course?

Owners need to present themselves for the examination as no representatives are allowed in the CIDB Examination Hall.

The officials there will check the owner’s identification card. Therefore, the owner must take both the Integrity and Business Management courses.

Contractors need to allocate time to study in front of the computer while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks to maintain concentration and comfort during the learning process.

4. What documents need to be prepared to register for the Integrity Course?

Please provide your CIDB License ID and Password, or provide a copy of the owner’s IC and your PPK License.

5. What do you get after passing the exam?

You will receive an Integrity Achievement Certificate with a passing score of 72% or higher, and the certificate is worth 15 CCD points.

6. How long is the duration for license renewal?

CIDB only allows license renewal for periods of 1, 2, and 3 years. The duration of CIDB license renewal depends on the number of course points or CCD points. Here is the duration of CIDB license renewal based on the number of CCD points.

7. If CCD points are insufficient?

Please contact or WhatsApp us at +60 11-1218 6031 for assistance in managing CCD points certificates recognized by CIDB.

Do you require any help?

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