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CIDB Contractor Service for Registration & License Renewal

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Register CIDB Package (PPK)

1st Time Register

First-Time Registration Price (PPK)

G1 — RM 1,200
G2 — RM 1,400
G3 — RM 1,600
G4 — RM 3,500
G5 — RM 4,500
G6 — RM 6,600
G7 — RM 7,500

**For additional licensing options for SPKK, STB, and BUMI Status, as well as 2-Star and 3-Star certifications, please contact us to receive a customized quote for your company.

Company Update

Management Price Updates

  1. Management Update – RM300
  2. Competent Person Update – RM300
  3. Technical Person Update – RM300

ID and Password Reset Price (If Forgotten or Lost)

  1. The price is only RM150.00
  2. Prepare a copy of the Identity Card, a copy of the SSM, and a copy of the PPK, each with the company stamp and signature, along with the mobile phone number of the Owner or Director.

Area Code Pricing and Title Addition

  1. One code — RM300 for one added field.
  2. Prepare the Job Offer Letter, LA, Indenture, and PO.
  3. Set up a payment transaction with the main contractor or client who provided the work.

Change Status from “Dormant” to “Active”

  1. The price is only RM300.00
  2. Please provide a copy of the Letter of Award (including Purchase Order and Indenture) issued within the last three years.

Upgrade / Downgrade

Upgrade Price Package

G1~G2 — RM 830.00
G2~G3 — RM 950.00
G3~G4 — RM 1,200.00
G4~G5 — RM 1,600.00
G5~G6 — RM 1,950.00
G6~G7 — RM 2,400.00

**If upgrading from G1 to G4, the total price to be paid is RM830 + RM950 + RM1,200, which equals RM2,980.00.

Downgrade Price Package

G7~G6 — RM 680.00
G6~G5 — RM 630.00
G5~G4 — RM 580.00
G4~G3 — RM 530.00
G3~G2 — RM 480.00
G2~G1 — RM 380.00

**If downgrading from G6 to G3, the total price to be paid is RM630 + RM580 + RM530, amounting to RM1,740.00.

CIDB Renewal Package

1st Time Renew

2-year Renewal

2-Year Renewal Price Package

G1 — RM 700.00
G2 — RM 1,600.00
G3 — RM 1,900.00
G4 — RM 2,500.00
G5 — RM 3,900.00
G6 — RM 4,600.00
G7 — RM 12,900.00

3-year Renewal

3-Year Renewal Price Package

G1 — RM 1,100.00
G2 — RM 2,100.00
G3 — RM 2,400.00
G4 — RM 2,800.00
G5 — RM 4,200.00
G6 — RM 5,100.00
G7 — RM 13,300.00

Need to register CIDB for a Contractor License (PPK)

The following are the requirements for applying for a contractor license registration (PKK).

  • The applicant consists of one of the Directors/Owners of the Company.
  • Registered with the Business Registry (SSM/Sarawak/Sabah/ROS/SKM)
  • Has a minimum paid-up/accumulated capital as specified.
  • Meets the Technical Personnel requirements (mandatory for G1 Bumiputera registration application) (mandatory for G4-G7 registration applications).
  • Possesses Competent Persons registered with other registration agencies (if any).
  • Registered with Other Agency Registrations (if applicable).

Need to CIDB renewal for a Contractor License (PPK)

The following are the application requirements for the renewal of the CIDB contractor license (PKK).

  • Same as new registration, refer all at once.
  • One of the Directors/Owners of the company must attend and pass the Integrity & Contractor Code course (for the first renewal only).
  • One of the Directors/Owners of the company must possess a Certificate of Management Competency (Business) (for companies G1-G3 without technical personnel during new application).
  • Having CCD Points.
  • Having a valid SCORE certificate, applicable only for G7 renewals.
  • Having a valid MCORE certificate for G1 only.

CIDB Contractor Service

A CIDB contractor is a contractor registered with the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia, mandatory for handling construction work in Malaysia. This registration recognizes technical skills, financial capabilities, and the performance of contractors, classifying them based on grades for specific projects, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, enabling them to participate in government and private tenders, and providing access to training for professional development.

This ensures contractors comply with industry standards and compete effectively in the construction industry in Malaysia.

Since July 20, 1995, all local contractors are required to register with the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (CIDB) under Section 25 of Act 520 (Amendment 2011) before starting or completing any construction work in Malaysia, except those who are exempt under Section 40(1) of the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia Act 1994 (Act 520).

If any contractor violates Section 25 and is convicted, they can be fined a minimum of RM10,000 under Section 29.

CIDB Contractor Services Process Flow

CIDB Contractor Service for Registration & Renewal Process

Proses Permohonan Lesen Kontraktor CIDB

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

How can I register as a CIDB contractor?

You need to fill out the registration form provided by CIDB, either online or at the nearest CIDB office. You also need to provide the required documents and pay the registration fee as specified.

What documents are required for CIDB registration?

The required documents usually include a copy of the Company Registration Certificate, a copy of the Owner’s or Director’s Identification Card, a list of the company’s financial records, and other relevant documents such as technical qualification certificates.

How long does the registration process for CIDB contractors typically take?

The registration period can vary, but it typically takes several weeks to several months, depending on the completeness and validity of the documents submitted.

How can I renew my CIDB contractor license?

License renewal can be done through the CIDB online portal or by visiting a CIDB office. You will need to provide updated documents and pay the renewal fee.

What are the costs involved in registering or renewing a CIDB contractor license?

The registration and renewal fees for CIDB licenses vary depending on the category and grade of registration. Detailed information regarding the fees can be obtained from the official CIDB website or CIDB offices.

Can I update my personal or company information in CIDB records?

Yes, you can update your information through the CIDB online portal or by contacting a CIDB office. You will need to provide relevant documents to verify the changes made.

What are the consequences if I fail to renew my CIDB license?

If you fail to renew your CIDB license, you may not be allowed to participate in tenders or construction projects. This could also result in fines or legal actions against the company or individual.

Are there any courses or training sessions I need to attend as part of the CIDB registration or renewal process?

CIDB sometimes requires contractors to attend certain courses or training sessions, especially for license renewals. Further information about the required courses can be obtained through the CIDB portal or at CIDB offices.

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