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CIDB Contractor License Downgrade

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Pricing for CIDB Upgrade / CIDB Downgrade

G1~G2 — RM 830.00
G2~G3 — RM 950.00
G3~G4 — RM 1,200.00
G4~G5 — RM 1,600.00
G5~G6 — RM 1,950.00
G6~G7 — RM 2,400.00

If you want to upgrade from G1 to G4, the total amount to be paid is RM830 + RM950 + RM1,200 = RM 2,980.00.

G7~G6 — RM 680.00
G6~G5 — RM 630.00
G5~G4 — RM 580.00
G4~G3 — RM 530.00
G3~G2 — RM 480.00
G2~G1 — RM 380.00

If you want to downgrade from G6 to G3, the total amount to be paid is RM630 + RM580 + RM530 = RM 1,740.00.

Downgrade Contractor CIDB License

Lesen Kontraktor G2

The process of CIDB downgrading requires an evaluation of contractor performance, financial stability, construction project experience, and meeting additional requirements set by CIDB.

This involves updating company information, renewing documents and certificates, and paying relevant fees. Contractors need to demonstrate evidence of technical and financial capabilities, as well as a record of completed projects as proof of their ability to operate at a higher level.

Contractors must ensure they meet all qualification requirements and comply with CIDB regulations and guidelines, including the code of ethics, possession of valid Construction Personnel Cards by workers, and the use of Malaysian-grade materials or approved standards.

The process of applying for a CIDB Downgrade

CIDB Registration Flow Chart (English)

To downgrade a CIDB contractor license through RentakaBiz, you need the Downgrading Form as stated. Here are the general steps that contractors should follow to downgrade their licenses:

  1. Access Form: Visit the official RentakaBiz website to access the CIDB Upgrade form.
  2. Fill in the Form: Complete the form with the required information online.
  3. Grade Selection: Choose the Grade for upgrading your CIDB contractor license.
  4. Submit Application: Send your application to be processed by Rentaka to CIDB.
  5. Confirmation: Receive a confirmation email & also WhatsApp from RentakaBiz.
  6. Document Preparation: Send relevant documents via WhatsApp or Email to our involved officer.
  7. Payment: Receive a quotation and invoice after agreement, and you can make the process fee payment online or manually.

Ensure you follow each step carefully and meet all requirements provided by CIDB to ensure a smooth process of downgrading your contractor license.

**Please note that information regarding CIDB Downgrading is general and subject to change from time to time. Therefore, you must ensure that you obtain the most current and comprehensive information through the official CIDB website.

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