Renew CIDB Green Card Foreign Workers

CIDB Green Card Foreign Workers

Renew CIDB Green Card Foreign Workers

CIDB Construction Personnel Card Renewal (Foreign Workers)

The following is a list of information for CIDB green card renewal for foreign workers as below:

  1. CIDB card renewal from the old version to the latest smart card version (gold chip).
  2. Every foreigner who wants to renew their CIDB card must ensure that their work permit is still active.
  3. ID and Password from a company registered with CIDB is required for card renewal.
  4. The process to ensure that the license is still active can be consulted at CIDB either by coming to the office or by phone call.
  5. The cardholder will get a Temporary Pass within 3 to 4 working days.
  6. Payment is made by “Online Transfer” and “Atm Transfer”.
  • Course + 1~5 Years Card Duration = RM 350.00

**The new card that has been renewed from CIDB will be sent directly to the applicant within 1-2 weeks according to the address given by the customer.

CIDB Green Card Renewal Form

Renew CIDB Green Card Foreign Workers Form

CIDB Green Card Renewal - (Foreign Workers) (English Page)

1. Cardholder Information

Personal information for cardholder applications. **(FOREIGN WORKERS ONLY)

Company information

From 1 January 2020, there will no longer be any CIDB Construction Personnel Cards / Green Cards issued at any CIDB office. All cards (foreign workers) will be sent by post by CIDB following the applicant's work permit address registered with CIDB.

Registration Period & Payment Terms

Card renewal can be made as early as 60 days (2 months) before your green card expires.

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