How to Renew CIDB Green Card

How to Renew CIDB Green Card Online: Easy 7-Step Guide


Prior to explaining the process of how to renew CIDB Green Card, it is essential for you to understand that all individuals engaged in construction work must first register with CIDB as Construction Personnel and possess a CIDB Green Card starting from 1 June 2015.

In case your Green Card has already expired, it is necessary to renew your CIDB Green Card in order to be eligible for coverage under the CIDB Group Construction Personnel Takaful Plan in the event of a construction site accident. The following are the steps to renew your CIDB Green Card through

How to Renew CIDB Green Card Online

Step 1: Visit Website

To begin the process of how to renew CIDB Green Card, please visit the website. Once on the main page, you will encounter two options: “CIDB Renew” and “Delivery Service.” Please select the “CIDB Renew” option by clicking on it.

Laman Web RentakaBiz

Step 2: Select Application Type

Before proceeding, you will be prompted to choose an application type. If you are a Malaysian citizen, please click on the application button and select “Local Workers” Conversely, if you are a foreign worker, click on the application button and choose “Foreign Workers”.

Please provide your full name and phone number. Ensure that your phone number begins with the digit ’60’ (e.g., 60123456789).

Select “Renew CIDB Green Card” and click the “Register Now!” button.

Servis K

Step 3: Complete the information on the CIDB Green Card renewal application form.

After selecting the “Local Workers” option, you will be required to fill out the provided application form with your personal information and the necessary details of your heirs as outlined below.

Please note that the CIDB green card renewal application will only be processed if the provided information is accurate. – How to Renew CIDB Green Card

Renew CIDB Green Card (English Page)

1. Cardholder Information

Personal information for cardholder applications.

Identification card

Before uploading, please refer to the example of a copy of the Identity Card according to the CIDB guidelines as in the attachment below!!

Copy of IC for CIDB Use

Ensure that the CROSS made on top of your Identification Card copy does not interfere with your CARD NUMBER and also your PHOTO!!

2. Heir Information

Heir information for cardholder applications.

3. Employer Status

Latest information about your employer.

4. Renewal & Payment Period

Choice of renewal and payment periods.

Bank:  CIMB Bank Berhad
A/C Number:  8-6049-0669-1

Step 4: Renewal & Payment Period

You will be prompted to select the renewal period for your CIDB green card. Following that, you can choose between the online payment method (FPX) via ToyyibPay or opt for manual payment by referring to the provided bank information.

If you do not possess online banking capabilities, you can reach out to us via email at [email protected] or contact us through phone or WhatsApp at 019-702 8064. We will assist you throughout the process.

Tempoh Pembaharuan & Pembayaran

Step 5: Making Payment via Online Banking (FPX)

If you decide to make an online payment, please select “Online Banking (FPX)” as the payment method option. This option can be found under “Payment Method”. – How to Renew CIDB Green Card

ToyyibPay - Renew Kad Hijau 1 Tahun

Step 6: Receive a Temporary Pass

Upon successful payment, you will receive an email containing a payment receipt as confirmation of your transaction.

Following the completion of payment, you can expect to receive the Temporary Pass within 3-4 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) via the email address provided in the application form.

The Temporary Pass serves as a valid form of access to the construction site. An example of the Temporary Pass you will receive is provided below. – How to Renew CIDB Green Card

Pass Sementara

Step 7: Receive the CIDB Green Card

Once your CIDB Green Card has been successfully renewed, the new card will be sent to the address provided by you by CIDB within 60 working days.

Step 7 - Receive the CIDB Green Card


The following provides a summary of the steps on how to easily and quickly renew your CIDB Green Card online.

If you require other services, such as obtaining a list of CIDB cards with specific details, replacing a lost or damaged CIDB Green Card, or information on how to renew CIDB Green Card, please click the service button below.

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