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Labuan Offshore Digital Ecosystem


Labuan Offshore Digital Bank Services Form

Passport or NRIC copy of the director and shareholder (for Individual);

Passport copy of the director and shareholder (for Individual);

If the shareholder/director is a Company, the latest statutory form of the Company (Certificate of Incorporation, M&A and Annual Return Form); and – if any;

Copy of utility bill of the director/shareholder (for individual) indicates the residential address – Proof ofaddress (e.g.: water bill, electricity bill & etc.).

**The duration to incorporate a Labuan Company is estimated to be at least 3-5 working days with complete documentation and full payment for the incorporation. However, obtaining bank licenses, insurance, credit tokens, securities, money broking, and similar services requires a validation process of 3 months.

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Labuan Shariah-Compliant Blockchain

( List of Company Types & Digital Ecosystem Services )

Trading Company

  • Taxed at 3% of net audited profits
  • Substance Requirements
  • Tax Exemptions

Investment Holding Company

  • No tax or 0% tax for Investment Holding activities
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fiscal Benefits
  • Full Banking Services
  • Investment Management
  • Digital Banking
  • Underwriting and Policy Issuance
  • Digital Insurance Services
  • Risk Management

Credit Token License

  • Digital Token
  • Allow token issuance
  • Only for asset-backed tokens. No ICO.
  • Trading and Brokerage Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Digital Trading Platforms
  • Allow the creation of a Crypto/Token Exchange.
  • Token Issued are listed on the Platform for Trade.
  • Clearing and settlement

Fund Manager License

  • Investment Fund Management
  • Client Advisory Services
  • Digital Fund Management Platforms
  • eWallet
  • Allow the creation of e-wallets to facilitate investor trading accounts.
  • Fungibility allowed.

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